‘Because I felt like it. Screw the President!’

So yesterday we met this hero:


This kid is a goddam Avatar of the Aeon of Horus. The Age of the Crowned and Conquering Child is not a good age for power structures. And guess who the power structure is now?


See, the problem isn’t just getting power. Any Fool can be King for a Day (or fifteen minutes on rolling news, or a short five on Twitter), but staying in power takes much more work. Especially in an era where the global trend is rejection of authority.


I want to be this lady when I grow up.

Give the Neo-Nazi nonces in the so-called ‘alt-right’ their due, they surfed this wave well. They ginned up a nice little fake narrative in which they were Daring Rebel Tricksters, puckish scamps gleefully making play with the authoritarian sensibilities of ‘special snowflakes’, who they sent running to their ‘safe spaces’.

Thing is, if you’ve ever spent more than five minutes talking to a Nazi – and I have, often at close quarters – you realise this carefully crafted image is a load of old bum-come. The bastards are scared. Of fucking everything. The keyboard warriors trying to impersonate Milo Idrinkmyownpiss (sadly unaware that Trump’s top twink is obviously an asset run by someone who really liked Skyfall) run away the moment they realise you’re neither ‘triggered’ nor joking. They’re happy to put up posters claiming they’ll be an army of annihilating angels putting heresy to fire and the sword, but one kid starts a fire and they lose their fucking shit.


I mean c’mon Deep State, this is practically plagiarism.

The trouble is that Nazis can temporarily joyride on the Horus Current, especially when those of us on the Left have gotten too used to using the laws of man to go after them instead of something deeper, but their conversion to chaos is only skin deep. Ultimately what they want to do is tell us what to do. That’s why we’ve seen so many of these self-styled ‘rebels’ using their post-election bandwidth to tell us we should ‘respect the transition’ to Trumpism or, now that he’s been inaugurated, ‘respect the office of the President’. Lol yeh right top kek m8.

In magical parlance, all this ‘respeck durr Prezziden’ talk is an attempt to banish the forces which brought them to power. That’s an important part of ritual: you put down what you called up and step back into normal existence. But the presiding spirit of an Aeon is a dangerous thing to call up, and a very powerful force to attempt to put down. And what happens when you call up that which you cannot put down?


2017 INAUGURATED, bitch. 


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