It’s not just me, is it? I mean, this chinless little gitwizard who shot up a mosque in Quebec – he’s egg mode through and through, right? Tell me this isn’t the face of someone who’d be a lot happier after six months on estradiol:


Let this be a lesson, kids: however scary going to your GP and saying ‘check it Doc, I feel like a girl’ may be, it’s preferable to living out your life as the kind of frogspawn who caps off a career as a shitty internet troll and worshipper of Marine le Pen’s cankles by driving up to a mosque and shooting a bunch of defenceless, unarmed old dudes who thought they’d be safe in their place of fucking worship.

So colour me unsurprised when Alexandra eventually comes out and starts angling for a job working for whoever runs Milo IripoffToriAmoslyrix as the Trumpist Twink Tart’s trans equivalent.


Milo Idrinkchildrenspiss tries desperately to form rudimentary sentences without his handler feeding him lines through an earpiece.

Now, normally, I’m all in favour of prisoners who happen to be trans still being able to access the necessary healthcare behind bars. But see this cunt? I wouldn’t give this cunt fucking razors. 


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