Impregnable like the Preacher’s daughter…


You know, it’d be easier to take our Frogfucking Nazi Overlords more seriously if their security wasn’t so bloody laughable. We’ve already had the White House Press Secretary tweeting out his password – twice – and now we find out that a mystery girl was able to sneak into a top-secret Rethuglican party meeting and film the lot of them nattering away:


Probably not this Mystery Girl, but let me have my headcanon

‘A person secretly recorded closed sessions on national security and health care that were attended by many dozens of GOP lawmakers. They had gathered for a private discussion of some of the thorniest legislative issues of the moment, as well as a question-and-answer session with Pence…Several lawmakers said they were outraged by the infiltration and have demanded answers on how an interloper made it inside Republicans’ sanctum sanctorum.’

Well I can tell you why that is, chaps: because your security, like just about everything else about your shambolic little coup, is strictly amateur hour.

If I were the Trumpets, I’d be getting ready to bail on the Project by this point. They’re already bleating to the press about the ‘seeping wounds’ we’ve given them and it’s not even been a fortnight (also; snowflakes, much?)

And let there be no doubt among Team Trump: from this point on, it only gets rougher. 

Check ya selves before ya wreck yourselves, Trumpets…actually, don’t. Watching you wreck yourselves is going to be so. Much. Fun…


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