If you wanna talk conspiracies then baby I could name a few,
talk about the guilty goin’ free, I could name one or two,
but wizard, please, I stop believin’ anything you say or do
if you think The Artist presently is having children barbecued

on the basis of some emails that you consciously have misconstrued

to libel liberals while the literal millions of people who have been abused,
the actual, now-existing victims in our bitter multitude
greet daily disbelief while our abusers see solicitude,


abuse is the mundanest crime, it’s not a magic ritual
– except in stories which were later proven to be fictional
and spread to start a panic by evangelical interest groups –
and it’s sick to see it whipped up ramped up an order of magnitude


by pricks who think protecting kids means gender checks in lavatories,
while their man in the Oval Office boasts about the ovaries
he’s tickled with his tiny fingers on the show he oversees,


while those who claim so fearlessly
that they’ll expose conspiracy
are so far up their fantasies
of evil wrought by HRC
that they refuse to see,
refuse to see,
refuse to see.


Not me.


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