St Theresa, Our Lady of Treachery



‘And every day, like a drip, the catastrophe that is Brexit becomes clearer and clearer. But you cannot mention it, or else someone might ask you: Whose side are you on exactly?’

Let me be clear: I will take no lectures on treachery and betrayal from supporters of Theresa May, a perennial turncoat who either lied about her position on Brexit before the referendum or is lying about her position on it now, and who owes her position as our currently unelected leader entirely to Putin’s meddling in our electoral system.


It is becoming clearer by the day that Brexit, like Trump’s election and the attempt to install Grandma Nazibonce as President of France, are part of an ambitious ploy by Putin to neuter Western Europe and prevent us putting a check on his plans to reconquer the former Soviet territories and install puppet governments like the Kadyrov regime in Chechnya in them. Theresa May, who, again, owes her position to Putin and those forces in our nation who have wrapped themselves in the flag while conspiring to turn us into a Russian vassal state, will not oppose him. The woman who consistently voted against LGBT rights as an MP will be only too happy to do nothing while homophobic, genocidal leaders like Kadyrov are installed from the Baltics to the Balkans.


May is Putin’s poodle. Her ramping up of the rhetoric against ‘saboteurs’ and her lies about acting ‘in the national interest’ are a desperate reaction to the first domino that failed to fall in her master’s scheme. France has held the line, where our politicians have either connived with our enemies or given in. There is a danger that people will begin to realise how much they have been played. Hence the One Show publicity blitz and Hail Mary plays like promising to bring back foxhunting to attract the votes of moneyed rural sadists.


Theresa May is going to tell you, again and again and again, that voting for her is ‘in the national interest’. But May lies. She lied about supporting Remain. She lied when she said she would not call an early election. And she lies now when she says a vote for her is a vote for Britain. It seems implausible even to me, but I am more patriotic than May and her ilk. I am more committed to the defence of the realm than she is. And that is why I say that a vote for May this June is a vote to reward foreign powers interfering in our democratic process, in the sovereignty Leave campaigners claimed was so precious to them.


If you TRULY wish to defend the national interest, you HAVE to vote May out in a month’s time. Otherwise – well, to borrow a phrase from the fulminating right-whingers May has pandered to: if you like Russia so much, why don’t you go live there?


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