Theresa May is not autistic. She’s a sadist.


Theresa May is not autistic, as I understand some are saying. The truth is worse.

Theresa May is a sadist. Look at the microexpression that crosses her face when she sees how upset BBC journalist Emily Maitlis is by the Grenfell Tower tragedy. She clearly WANTS to smile, but represses it.

Sadism and bullying defined May’s time at the Home Office. Sadism in the treatment of LGBT asylum-seekers, in the brutal and underhanded immigration raids, in the detention of vulnerable refugee women in the Yarl’s Wood rape camp and trans women in male prisons where they were persecuted so intensely they took their own lives. In the glee she took in threatening to rip up the Human Rights Act.


Theresa May is not autistic. What she is is a sadist who can only mask her genuine pleasure in the pain of other people with the most robotic, tedious, rote circumlocutions.

The Home Office is a good place to hide a sadist in a cabinet. But a sadist as Prime Minister is too exposed. She has to go.



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