‘You think I’m a bad person, because I won’t give you what you want. But too many people have already given you what you want. This entire society is structured around you getting what you want: to be coddled, to be told you’re special, to never have to confront the consequences of your karma. But being given everything you want has led you to me. Being indulged at every turn has led you to the one person in the world who won’t indulge you. Your whole life, you never took responsibility for a single choice you made. Everything was someone else’s fault: the blacks, the lefties, Muslims, lesbians and feminists. They were to blame, not you. They wanted special treatment, not you, you told yourself as you squatted masturbating in the decadent remnants of Empire. And look where it’s got you. But karma is kind: make the right choices here and you’ll still have a life in which to reconsider the choices which led you to me. Make the wrong choices…well, make the wrong choices and you’ll still have plenty of time to regret them, but it wouldn’t be what anyone could call a life. Not really. And you’ll never see the end. I’ll show you what death really is, open you out into the eternity your choices made. Did you know there are things outside of time? They’re very keen to meet you. A nice, warm, foetid life in which to lay their eggs and watch them flower, forever. I can’t tell you what choices to make. I can only ensure that this time, for the first time in your coddled life, you won’t be able to ignore the consequences and go back to snorting cocaine and fucking your common law wife. This is up to you. So tell me: what’s my name?’

strange fall


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