Who is AJ McKenna?


AJ McKenna writes and says things. Many people seem to like them, to the extent of being willing to give her actual money to write and say things about specific topics. To date, these topics have included refracting the words of Martin Luther King through the prism of anti-trans violence, being mean about awful TV shows, and asking people to pelt her with rice in the name of defining what love is. Most recently this has involved writing Incidents of Trespassa novella about (mostly) transgender lesbians facing up to Brexit while recovering from sexual trauma.

Increasingly AJ finds her writing interests getting weirder and weirder, and involving elements of what might variously be considered performance, ritual, or – to call a wand a wand – magic. It seems to AJ that increasing swathes of what might once have been called mundane culture are haunted by magic. In this, an ongoing work of reenchauntment, McKenna sets out to map the borders of the much-disputed territory where the normal meets the numinous – in the goal of finding ways to use that knowledge to create a better world.

Because if the magical is woven more and more clearly through modern culture, it’s equally clear that some folks are tugging on those ropes to choke us. And if we don’t want to get conned, we’d best get cunning.